This is the DRK Alliance website.

Once registered as a Vistor, contact either the R5 or one of the R4s in-game, to be granted full access.

Here we provide guidance, tips, rules, information and much more, relating to the Last Fortress game.

The site is under constant development, with new content and features being added frequently.

The site uses AI to translate most text into a variety of languages.

If your language isn't available, let us know, we have over 100 available languages, so we can probably add it.

Spotted an incorrect translation? Tell us and supply the correct translation, so we can fix it.

As the site evolves, extra features including gear selections for your heroes, or some online games (yes, we realise the irony there, lol), will appear.

Please be patient as we add this, over time the site will become our main resource for knowledge, guidance and fun.

Have fun and welcome again to the DRK Alliance website.